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is used to produce many things -- makeup, biodiesel fuel for cars, and, yes, even some of our favorite snacks. in fact, the world wildlife fund says 50% of the packaged foods found in grocery stores are made with palm oil. >> the way they make -- harvest palm oil is, they cut down an area of rainforest -- they actually burn it -- and then they use that area to plant a palm-tree farm where they use the fruit of the palm tree to make the oil. >> to understand this issue, you need to understand some definitions. sustainable palm oil comes from farmers who are helping to protect the rainforests. non-sustainable palm oil comes from farmers who are hurting the ecosystem. >> they're destroying orangutan habitats and habitats of all the animals in the indonesian rainforest. >> jordan started researching non-sustainable palm oil as a sixth-grade current-events project. he realized he wanted to do something about it, so he recruited his classmates. >> i helped, like, spread the word. >> i did some online, like, posters and banners. >> i was getting petitions signed by people. >> i wrote the peti
the latest for us. >>jaqueline: it happened in the east bay, south east of berkeley. there has already been one aftershock. the original earthquake hit at 2:41 p.m.. it was originally set to be 3.9 or 4.2. the depth was almost 6 mi.. we had an aftershock a couple of hours later. this aftershock occurred at 4:50 p.m. at about the same depth. usually at 3: 0-clean quinine, and you feel those earthquakes during the original earthquake, 4.0, we certainly felt shaking. that starr is where the earth quake hit. the color on your screen indicates where people felt the shaking. all the way down the san mateo coastline and in parts of the south bay, the earthquake was shelled.-- felt. >>pam: charles clifford was and menlo park with the usgs reaction. >>charles: geologists have been keeping a close eye on the aftermath of today's earthquake in berkeley. geologists are saying that the earthquake hit slightly off of the hayward fault and was 6 mi. deep. it was a shark, it holes of the earth quake. the geologists here say 4.0 is ok. an earthquake of that size does not do a lot of damage but reminds peopl
francisco. if you are heading south out of the city use the 280 extension or get on the 101 south of hospital kerb at army or cesar chavez. more when the kron 4 morning news returns. >>mark: more on our hot spot, a tanker crashed in san francisco, 101 southbound has shut down. we are live at sixteenth and san bruno with jackie sissel. >>jackie: i am below the freeway looking over the top. you can see firefighters up on the freeway and you can see the ladder truck down below that has been sending water up above to the tanker fire, that truck fire that happened on the southbound 101. basically, right about where the ups building is, right before hospital curve, a couple of hours ago is where the accident happened. it looks like the flames are out of the traffic is a nightmare. i came across the westbound bay bridge about 30-35 minutes ago and it is already starting to back up to fifth street. if you can avoid the area, avoided at all costs. city streets are also blocked. >>mark: we are heading into the heart of the commune. let's speak with george about finding a way around this mes
with an update as police try to regain some sort of order on the streets of downtown oakland. >>> police using teargas to get demonstrators off the streets. you can see it here. quite a dramatic scene. people running, trying to get away. but what officers thought might stop the occupy movement tonight so far has not worked. protestors continue to march on the city of oakland. they say they have no plans to stop. reggie, police released an explanation for their actions tonight. >> reporter: they did. before i get to that, protestors are not ready to give up yet, despite the fact that police just released more teargas about 20 minutes ago. go ahead and take a look at the crowd. there are still several protestors out here. go ahead and attack a look at this arrest video. there have been 102 arrest, 97 this morning, and five this evening. that number is expected to go up. there are 16 different law enforcement agencies out here helping opd. interim police chief howard jordan says they had to use teargas in order to protect the police officers out here. >> in a togz where we had to deploy gas in or
but this system will affect us. as the most to the east, north wins for tuesday morning. the winds could get pretty testy. for tomorrow, fog in the morning, another day with the milder-1 temperatures. a sea breeze late in the day. on tuesday, dry and dusty winds the only loss this weekend was to the cowboys. >>vicki: will show you what to expect on wall street and a must see movie at the box office. for free >>vicki: police in south san francisco are searching for two men accused in a violent weekend robbery. and happened near this intersection and herman street. i alajandra cerball was there and it tells us what police know. >>alejandra: 821 year-old was punched in the face and kicked in the head before suspect's to golf with his wallet. he was driving to work in this neighborhood when two-man fight him down. when he rolled down the window, he was punched in the face. when he got out of his car, he was a salted. police are looking for to hispanic males wearing blue jeans and black hooded sweat shirts. one man was described as a 5 ft. 9 in., two of the grounds with a mustache. >>brian: tempe
. they tell us, you'll always have aftershocks. we will speak to them to see if this is still considered an aftershock or an independent event. >>darya: bart swung into action quickly as is their procedure. jim allison is live on the phone. tell us what bart did. >> we stopped the trains and did a quick check on the tracks. we are about 10 minutes behind right now. it was essentially a very minor event. we are always prepared. >>mark: >>james: what is the drill that bart goes through? demo we stop the trains where they are for 5 minutes to make sure there is not another stronger after shock. once it seems that everything is settled down, the trains moved slowly. the trains above ground level are the most vulnerable. once it is determines that everything is safe, we get back up to our normal speeds. we have sensors to out the bay area that can detect earthquakes and help us determine earthquakes independent of the usgs. >>james: what does that mean? to the attendants walked the track? new speaker the train operator looks for a visible signs that there is but structural damage or damage t
the news conference and he joins us live from oakland tonight with the details. >>reporter: despite what happened last night mayor quan is adamant about speaking with the protesters. take a look at them behind me, one says they will maintain a minimal police presence. she says this has turned into a complex situation and she wants the plaza to remain peaceful. the mayor still does not want the protesters camping out in front of city hall. first to hear from the men and in the city administrator carol boyd. >> i heard it in the camp last night that we wanted to support the movement on the of--the other hand you want to keep people safe. so when we moved it is on a day-to- day basis in the day to day accessment. >> last night we issued ground rules for the plaza. we have certain requirements certain minimal standards to maintain public health and safety. that has been one of our main concern to all along. these primarily are fire safety we have to have access to the public safety personnel to address medical emergencies, fire emergencies, we need to have police able to patrol. if they ca
and the need. they arrested a 16 year-old boy are still searching for a second suspect. reggie kumar tells us that the staff at the opera house is rallying the community to stop the violence and to prevent another child from getting shot. >> we have students involved in our program who no longer feel comfortable walking here. her family is my own a car they had to rent a car and the daughter came back from the hospital the car is costing $300 per week and it has basically exhausted all their finances. they're now behind on their rent for october they have not paid their pg&e bill this is very dramatic i think this will have long-term effects and if she does not get the necessary counselling she will have to deal >> if you like to help up a little girl you can go to our web site kron4.com under the news links section you can click on five year-old gunshot victim that will take you to the bayview opera house web site and as we can make a donation. >>james: today is the big day in history for the bay area back on october 20, 1991 that the oakland hills fire burn nearly 4000 homes and killed 25
but they are still searching for a second suspect. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us that the staff is rallying the community to stop the gun violence. >> reporter: the family chose not to speak on camera due to safety concerns because the second suspect lives in the area. the girl's family desperately leads help. >> reporter: she was full of life before she was shot in the knee. the girl now has to wear a full leg cast. you can see where doctors removed the bullet. she was with her sister and father when the shooting happensened. -- shooting happened. they say the 5-year-old was going to star their art program, the same week she was shot. >> she was on her way to the neighborhood store to get an ice cream when some young men were having a water balloon fight and this is the way they decided to respond to being hit by a water balloon. >> this has impacted us in a big way. in that a lot of children who used to attend our programs don't feel safe coming here. >> the family has been struggling to pay their bills ever since she was hit. >> they don't own a car. they had to rent a car when the daugh
all the time, but what exactly is a diplomat? we visit the u.s. state department to find out. >> i'll tell you why there's a blindfolded woman on one of our state flags. >> i'll tell you about dinner companions we can only dream about. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> headaches can be a huge pain, but for some teens who get an extreme type of headache, it's an even bigger problem. tyler has the story. >> when daniel beecher complained about constant headaches, people thought he was making excuses. but his headaches were real and more severe than normal. >> i had it for a week straight. i was having two a day. >> that was during the summer. then school started, and daniel's headaches began to really get in the way. >> i'd have to be in a dark room, away from light, away from noise, 'cause that only makes the headaches worse. so i really had to step aside for at least an hour and just let it subside. >> the headaches were affecting daniel's schoolwork, so he
that by coming back at one week they will generate some useful leads in the case. >> we know traffic patterns are commonly the same for people of the commute back and forth to work or go to the store. >> the family says that it hurts them a lot to keep driving. >> to do somebo something like that. >> there were no skid marks on the street and the witnesses say that the court never stopped. >> i asked him to stop the did not want to stop and he took off. i yelled, three times. >> it was a black, older lexis model, the latin driver was in his 40's. >> the driver ' as vehicle probably could have victim'-vehe damage. >> the victim was in his wheelchair his entire life and an extremely friendly man. >> he found a if wait to be happy every day. to get out, to say hello, he was happy with his family. >> reporter: despite his disability he was very active. in fact he was on his way home from coffee with friends at a nearby starbucks. reporting and live in richmond cough da lon. >>pam: big changes in pacifica starting on monday 911 the calls will be outsourced to another agent. jeff bush tells us wher
andreas has not given us many. it has been a natural laboratory for the san andreas. >>justine: another reason the bay area scientists are interested in eastern turkey, there are large earthquakes that date back to thousand of the years they have only been studying a quick history on the san andreas fault for about 150 years. >>james: out of san francisco, dirty politics is being investigated will have more on that in a minute. and we have more on that officer involved shooting over the weekend. here is a look at the golden gate traffic, no fog out there and more on your forecast a check with erica and just a minute. well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need at a great price. you can chill online at a park. here, pidgie, pidgie. [ pigeon coos ] and surf the web at your favorite bookstore. our internet at home includes access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network on the
'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at citisimplicity.com. pharmacist and bullpen prosecutors to ease cold in ship more than 4 gal. of propofol to the apartment of park ridge girl friends something which he confirmed today. >> he asked me specific to find practical and availability of propofol animal samian ivied backs. >> anchored along san francisco's pier 45 is the jeremiah o'brien, during will want to talk to the chronicle ships like this one carried men and supplies around the globe. >> this is the last one in a completely original condition. >> since 1980 it has been a regular fixture in san francisco bay and the captain has been there for the last 15 years. >> the ship leaves dock only a few tons per year during fleet week it offers passenger
[music] >> mark: 10 for joining us on this friday october 21st. here is video of the seismograph second video from the earthquake yesterday. it happened about 2:40 p.m.. they're both about a mile east of berkeley. no major damage from these quakes, but minor damage, pictures sent into kron4 on the left. it created a large and sho--jolt even in san francisco and was felt out towards then deal as well. take a listen to some of the reaction from the people out in berkeley. >> i was in my apartment and i felt like i was near where it happened because of a sudden the whole place started to shake. it was like aid jolt hit the ground and then calls the building to shake. and then there was an aftershock as though the building was a basketball and then it went boom, boom, boom. that happened for another five seconds. it took the a second and then i thought i think that was an earthquake. the whole thing was only about eight seconds long. >>james: let us take a live look on storm tracker 4. as we push and, you will notice there are not just to, there are three. the first when struck at 2
on one of oakland's most highly contested proposals. now she is saying she supports using a teen curfew to reduce violence. she opposed that curfew earlier this month and heads with anthony bets on this issue. a spokesperson says her actions were really only designed to allow more time for analysis. >>> still to come, own a harley or know someone who does? we'll let you know which models are being recalled tonight. also new at 11:00, as the debt debate continues in washington, we're taking a closer look at whether the nation is still in danger of another downgrade. >> would you quit your job if they told you don't drink during working hours? we will explore later. that in a few minutes. >>> in a tough third quarter, netflicks suffered the biggest customer losses in its history. ending september with 23.8 million subscribers. that number is down about 800,000 from june. the company recently triggered a backlash by increasing prices as much as 60%. despite all of this, the company's third quarter earnings did rise 65%. >> harley announced a massive recall. 300,000 motorcycles may have a
angry. they were upset about the rubber bullets being used. i have seen some of the bruises and i will tell you they're not pretty. as to what they came from if they came from the rubber bullets, or the tear-gas we do not know. but they are still very upset over what has happened in the last 24 hours. >>pam: j.r. stone is staying on the scene in will be back with you. a lot of disturbing video coming out from last night's protest. the one you are about to see is an iraq veteran who says he got his skull fractured by a police project out.-- projectile. >> what happened? >> i got shot. >> what is your name? medic! >>pam: coming up at 5:00 p.m. we will hear from friends of scott olson and get the latest. what does it feel like being in a crowd in targeted with tear-gas will we learn firsthand. >>reporter: the crowd of several hundred have gathered at 14th and madison. >>reporter: at this point, this has been a very peaceful march. this is where the police have said no, you're not going any farther. >> barricades have been set up around city hall. >> there are more and more offic
and we are taking you into the pacific ocean, focusing on a growing problem that affects us all, the great pacific garbage patch. >>> live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. >>> developing at this hour we are learning a small group of occupy protesters tweeted they are planning to march together night. tonight, the crowd remains at frank ogawa plaza and the protesters are talking about their next move. kron 4's da lin is live with our update. >> reporter: after tuesday's crack down looks like the city will leave the protesters alone and let them stay here at frank ogawa plaza, you can see that there are several hundred people here, camping out or coming out to support the protesters and the city has not indicated they will leave them alone or remove them in the near future. >> reporter: after protesters screamed at her thursday night, jean quan still wants to talk to them. >> we stand ready to talk to them. >> reporter: the mayor didn't think it would lead to such a violent clash. >> i apologize because people were hurt. when we planned the action, which went more smoothly, we were
, responders way to take one of the shooting victims to hospital. now let us to connect the video, the next pictures that we have our postal nosy registry, you can see a woman is visibly shaking, hand over forehead as someone is on the phone with her. and we also have a look at the front of the salon. there is caution tape in a front, responders outside the door. and look at the awning. >> one week after they were gunned down in a mass shooting by a disgruntled co-worker in cupertino the family and friends of to of those that died said goodbye this morning. rob fladeboe tells a lot the farewells. >> manual is a kind of guy that did not wait for things to happen he made it happen. the cemetery here to pay their last respects to manual. one of the three people killed in last week's workplace shooting rampage in cupertino. he was remembered fondly as a dedicated family man and a tireless worker. he was a long time 49ers fans. he leaves behind a wife and five children. >> he may sacrifice for us and yet the duty had to do. >> my father was a great man he would help not his children but the
joins us live from the oakland police headquarters with details on what the chief quit and how city hall is reacting. >> your right, the chief is here frustrated he says and he's been held, for all the crime in oakland yet he is not a control for his department can and cannot do. as a result he said that it is time to step down. >> had and have full control of the oakland police department i did not have the ability to make the decisions that are want to make him run the organization in this town that i would like. this is the second police department that i've had that have been in this position and i felt that i have been in my tenure have had about 20% control of this police department but have full accountability in a fine one to have full accountability i want full control. this has been coming for a while. it is much as one even that is taken place is a layering on a different issues. i did the media has made more out of the marin eyes relationship and what is really there. i worked very well with america will be very professional about that. the mayor runs the city and she is to
.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. share >> this is the kron4 news. >> we are at at 7:30 a.m.. frightening moments for 24 passengers in contra costa county. an amtrak train crashed into a truck last night near discovery a. more than 30 other passengers on the train were hurt, none of them seriously. the driver was also on harmed. nonetheless, some passengers we spoke to called the experience intense. >> we felt they really have the jolt. the lights went out, we did not know what happened to for quite a while. >> we panic. everyone was wondering what was going on. >> we were very scared. >> i m4 and a half months pregnant. >> that crash means that several passengers had travel plans delayed. kron4's craig skalar is reporting live from oakland at the amtrak station. >> we are looking at a train that will be heading off to bakersfield. passengers were brought back here to take another train today. there is still not transportation out there in brentwood. here are scenes from the accident yesterday. car with a lot of buses from the nearby resorts, there were four buses on to ba
the earthquake struck in the afternoon. stay with us as we continue to cover yesterdays and quaking will be on the lookout for anything else that will happen this morning. follow ups on facebook and twitter as well if anything happens we will let you know as fast as we can. >> it is time to check out our weather forecast. cooler weather has been in store for the past couple of days and what about the weekend? you know who knows, lisa. >> temperatures are considering--continuing to warm up. you'll see a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday there is patchy fog and the warming tray and kicks into high gear. the ellis taking a look right now homicide at your three day forecast right through the weekend. it looks like today we will see some coastal fault. the temperatures are running to about 83 degrees. it looks like to bracket to the 80's in continue warming up. there may be a little bit of fog for your saturday morning but the temperatures will start to want to the mid '80s. by sunday it looked like we would pack got into the upper 80s a run the inland spots upper '70's around the ba
a beautiful picture. today's rain was just the beginning. more is on the way for all of us. starting out in the forecast center. there is even rain right now? >> yeah. just what we expected. scattered showers through the south bay but the big storm is yet to come. >> tomorrow? >> late tomorrow into wednesday. tomorrow will be dry. first, let's check out the south bay right now. dry. we will zoom in closer to san jose, still seeing light showers at this hour. rainfall under a 10th of an inch of rain. same thing at san jose, under a ten of an inch. here is how it's tracking. you will see the scattered showers coming up through the south bay. still have moderate rainfall off shore. you could see them right just to the southwest of san jose, pushing up along the coast. monterey showers to the south. south bay a few more into the overnight hours. here is what you can expect for tomorrow. next couple of days. scattered showers tonight into tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. dry, cool. winds picking up into the afternoon as well as we brace for the next big storm early wednesday. seeing heavy rai
lotus joins us now with more details on how the shooting unfolded. county right there. the shooting happened at this salon perry it right here, you can see this to the pacific ocean, and little beach called seal beach. it is just about 30 minutes south of cell that--south of l.a.. didn't have our crime, this police said he was arrested without incident, then think that he acted was over a custody dispute. they're trying to piece together why one man with in so many innocent lives. police say right after the shooting this iman was littered with bodies. >> it appears that this iman was busy at the time and it appears almost every year station with are occupied. are victims are throughout the entire salon. we have gone to the with zero homicides, so this is tragic. >> police found at least one gun with the suspect with the suspect said he had several more. the suspect may have been wearing a bulletproof vest during the shooting. we want to urge you to stay with kron4 and kron4.com as we continue to follow the very latest in this tragic salon shooting. >> new detour of tonight come o
conditions, they've also seen violence and drug use involving protesters. >> in addition to increasing problems with public urination and defecation. >> the city is looking for excuses to kick us out of here. >> reporter: the deadline has come and gone, city officials have not said what they plan to do with the protesters so far, i can tell you from experience, if the police are involved in this removing of these protesters, and this encampment, typically it happens around midnight when the media and cameras are gone. again, no conformation as to what they plan to do with the protesters for now. live here in oakland, kron 4 news. >> seven people were cited for camping in frontal of city hall there and one man was arrested for scratching a police car. tonight we talk to two men who were taken in by police. >> they took us and went. we were gone. no questions, no nothing, no read rights or nothing. >> from what i've known, there's been a huge shift in the policies where the politicians don't represent us anymore. after being arrested. >> the last man set up his tent right back again. thi
money for children's miracle network hospitals as their poster child. >> stay with us. there's a lot more coming up on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. >> it's considered one of our country's best colleges, and it has several names. "the academy." "the point." "west point." tyler tells us about the history of the u.s. military academy at west point. >> west point traces its roots back to the american revolution. general washington considered this the most important military location in america. he called it "the key to the continent." >> both the british and the americans knew that whoever controlled the hudson river would probably win the war. the best way to move a lot of people -- men, soldiers, supplies, provisions -- was by water, using ships and boats. so controlling the river networks in america was an important aspect in the war.ne >> massive fortifications were built and crammed with continental soldiers. >> show us your bayonets! >> all: huzzah! bayonets! >> to keep the british from traveling upriver and dividing the colonies, a giant, 100-ton chain was stretched a
. >> it is for the truth that al queda will find no safe haven anywhere. >> more in-born in new mexico, he went to u.s. colleges and remained in the u.s. and 2002. he was considered a major threat and had ties to the 911 attackers and the man killing fort hood soldiers. also helping to recruit the man that brought down a plane that detonated a plane with bombing equipment in this underwear. >> this step will have equal ramifications for long-term terrorism effort. >> this website falling him with the infamous terrorists. >> he reminds me of others. >> the u.s. government is defending themselves that they executed one of its own citizen without due process. >> it is important to remember who he was. living and working with the citizenship off yemen with the intent of killing americans. shelby lynne, kron 4 news. >>pam: parents with they have to prove that the state that the students--have received state vaccinations. to get a booster shots, parents are scrambling. a seventh-12th graders are all required. this new legislation was prompted with a the outbreak. the contra costa county school clinic had a
through the streets. authorities eventually used teargas. 65 times within three hours!-- are as high as five times within three hours! will tran is live on the scene at frank ogawa plaza. it looks like there are plenty of people out there. >>will: there are 12-15 protesters. the show of force matches the number of protesters. they promise to continue being here indefinitely. this is hardly the same amount of people that we saw a eight-nine hours ago. they are still out here and holding up signs that say stop police brutality. as they are protesting, you can see them behind the barricades. they are power washing the area in front of city hall. over here, look at the police officers. 24 hours ago we saw, maybe 200 police officers within this area. how in this location, there are 25-30 officers here to monitor this situation. in the meantime, broadway, north and south on are moving along just fine. as far as getting through fourteenth street between broadway and clay, and that which is a problem. we do not know how much longer it will continue to be the case. high scorer for now, it is
of the leads us still in the branches, so whenever a strong wind hits, that like sales and they can bring entire trees down. >> in the santa cruz mountain, caltrans and county road crews were out tiering leaves and other debris and roadside drainage systems and nearby highway 17, the chp blamed wet weather for several spin out and warned drivers to watch their speed in the rain. >> pg&e caltrain and local public crews are on standby ready to clean up storm damage and restore electricity and power goes out late now that happens. meanwhile, reminder no order no matter where you are logged into kron4 about, without up-to-the-minute reading from storm tracker 4. call will have a forecast for your particular neighborhood and all that can be found on our web site just click on with attack. >> at 4 05 a.m. time for more news around the bay this is video taken from last night's city council meeting. three measures brought up, a curfew in the ordering measure and an expanded gang intervention. councilmembers are saying they want everyone to be heard and that could take a while. the final decisi
at a restaurant not just one block away and i thought that someone had just bought passed us behind us and that is all wrapped. and then i heard someone else say again to fill that earthquake recently? and i guess that is what it was. >> we were heading--hanging out in my apartment and then i noticed a slightjolt-what was that? and it turned out to be an earthquake. >> i will then music practice and then everything have was thinking wow! >> i was recording music have my house i have to deal like and they almost fell over. >>reporter: that was the second one to they are you nervous? >> may be a battle in california this kind of stuff happens. >> we will working hand and--and saw the and shaking. i was thinking i need to london's where, i need to [laughter] dowel i was shocked.-- >> i was shocked. >> my roommate and i looking each other and try to remember the steps when you are in an earthquake and we cannot. the streets were full of people and all went outside >> mark: yesterday was the day of the great california chef that we have the state by an earthquake drill at 10:20 a.m.
monday think he for starting your day with us in your we care. >> this will be a big story, and only a big store but the week ahead there is the weather and a cold system coming in there could be a chance of snow in the sierra later on this week was the the latest on all that good morning. >> good morning certainly some big changes to talk about we're starting off with little clout conditions over the bay, we will continue to see the clouds on the increase throughout the morning starting off with some showers up into the north bay and then spreading southward. we are expecting periods of light rain this afternoon rally, the heavy stuff come the next couple days. we will break it down for you the right now we will show you what is going on on storm tracker 4. if you can see the wet weather tracking down from eureka, and you can see that day and pushing into the bay area. starting off with cloud coverage and then pushing in the rain as we head to later in the day in terms of the rain, as we head towards about 10:00 or 11:00 we will start to see the showers and to the north b
and police used force to remove these protesters and the "tester say they're ready for that. >> i just lay down, peaceful resistance. some >> there is a fine line between defending yourself and being seen as being aggressive. besides that, these people are very peaceful. >> the occupied oakland encampment started october 10th with a few hundred people sleeping here. oakland says that the area has gone down hill. many people in the area say that these violations can be corrected. the bottom line is that they're not leaving. >> it is about hearing our point of view this not a violent situation. >>reporter: live in oakland i am dahlin with kron4 news. >>reporter: well over 1000 people joined the occupied oakland movement organizers sought to broaden the appeal of a movement that is expanding to cities across the nation. >> to the workers that are unemployed, to the housewives and the underpay workers, retirees and students, those that are about to lose their homes to those that will not have a home we are organizing to fight in the street, and the communities and in the schools and workpl
moved in early this morning j.r. stone is updating us on the occupied protest in san jose. >>reporter: it may be a little dark out here behind me you could see some of the tents that have been put up. we have not seen any officers this afternoon or this evening but i want to go to the video because it has been a very busy day here. two people in the group were arrested early this morning, police say that there were health and safety issues but many protesters disagree. as you can see, gold or rested, or at least two of them came back and begin setting up tents. they spoke this evening after bounding out of jail for $500. >>reporter: are you ready to get arrested again? >> if that is necessary that i must have to do so. they just took us. and no information or anything. >> i have seen a huge dramatic shift in the policies and federal level and the politicians in represent us anymore they represent the corporations. >>reporter: wintertime be better spent searching for a job? >> i have been searching. what this has been time well spent. >>reporter: we do want to match and that there h
van. some people say the police used to much of force, but no injuries were reported. oakland police and city officials and toward the plaza . >> you can see in oakland city worker cleaning with a power washer cleaning off the grime and griffey. this is one of the things being done to clean the plaza. you can see that there are about 30 workers breaking down tense and baggy upper personal belongings. those will be held by the city. they have been handing out fliers telling the protesters where they can go to collect their belongings. the workers are wearing masks, they have gloves on and there is a concern that there may be lice and bed bugs among the belongings. they will bring out regarding staff to check out the condition of the grass they also want to see if the tens pierced the irrigation system. they say this is the biggest homeless encampment that they have ever had to clean up. they said they will be here today all day and possibly back on wednesday. >>pam: there were more protests and arrests at the occupy cent of a protest. rob fladeboe has the latest there. >>reporter: a
will see increasing clouds. let us start you off with your current temperatures this morning. >> here is the satellite and radar. this brings us a nice little warm-up. it looks like will climb into the '90s. take a look. >> here is a look at your 7 air around the bay. >> news around the bay the occupied protests are spreading like wildfire, several rallies took place across the bay area today. they are expected to continue today the movement began on wall street in new york four weeks ago it has since been swept up in the whole nation their protest against america's financial firms and what they call corporate greed. demonstrators took to the street and cents and cisco, oakland, san raphael and on a creek. maureen kelly was in san francisco where a dozen protesters were arrested. >> i think enough is enough. the banks have to understand that they cannot keep taking our homes, all the banks have bailed out and we got kicked out. >> i am furious that banks be bailed out and schools don't and i'm told that as a teacher i have to fund rates and grant right to teach my kids how to read
information with us. kron 4 facebook fan page and your comments are welcome. >> we will take a quick look and check and with janu. we are talking about beautiful weather. >> you are correct about that, isabel a beautiful day on the bay area. clear skies. cool temperatures. this afternoon, we will see a lot of sunshine. today will be the warmest day of the week. slightly cooler to start your day. looking now, 40 degrees in santa rosa. we also have some 50s in santa --san francisco. the futurecast is showing the 40's and '50's but take a look by noon. he indicating 70's, by the yellow. upper 70's along the coast with 68 discret--degrees expected tod half moon bay. 70's through napa, downtown san francisco and a 70's through vallejo. take a look at your seven day around the bay a lot of sunshine into your work week. not a bad start. upper 60s for the coast it looks like things are going to pick up a little bit tuesday, wednesday. we will feel the wind picking up. 7:05. isabel? >> thank you, shawna. and a local cemetery--janu. >> the hell's angels that was shot two weeks ago for a fellow memb
collision last night. some passengers will be using a strain, they have stepped up to help ferry passengers headed westbound. there are also bus bridges set up. instead of boarding capitol corridor trains, some passengers will be using a strained to get to san jose. >>mark: the two engines smashed into one another at 10-15 mi. per hour at the jack london square station. it was the san joaquin train. it was going from bakersfield to oakland. it collided with the coast starlight that was going from l.a. to seattle. we have reports of 17 people with minor injuries. both trains reportedly jumped a bit from the tracks. will tran is live on the scene of monitoring the situation. >>will: here is what you need to know, the jack london station should reopen shortly. that is because they got one of the two trains that was involved on a collision out of here. the other one is still here. we learned that the tracks were not too badly damaged. they were slightly bent, but not too bad. nonetheless, the crews were able to finish the repairs and get one of the trains back on the tracks. it was partially de
for hayward, coming in and of heavy rain it is fairly light but let us go down into the south bay there's a lot of yellowish crucial indicates with rainfall. hopeful about one-third kron4. central 1/2 an inch per hour. we also see a half inch of los gatos and dan self. again, largely drawn up in san francisco and the north get this hour. we will continue to see range trading up through some of the over the next couple trial. we have more rain on attacked as we head through the rest of the week i will tell you when it will hit. them with full day of rain today and more expected to malteds growing fear especially in hercules plane excessive rain earlier this year should to the hillside close to the home putting those in the neighborhood in shape danger. j.r. stone is following the story of the talk to those the same morning have begun to fix what is a big problem here. hawaii's hidden ahead a analysts hope the above bid bid bid not think and act normal ---- >> i think are back to normal yesterday and but this morning we see that the web site problems they face is not wrong with keeping a
commute it does not look like you have to use your went to workers this morning. >> the key for that update. >> let us get right to it and find out about the timing in the next round rain. >> we have a lawyer to james a freeway, it still damp, take a look ahead and see what the timing is. at 7:00 this evening the showers began in the north bay and meet with the rain and cooler colder temperatures if you think about into this week in just-in-time presley week we have sunny and mild weather to look forward to. that is just a quick break down will be seen as we look at towards the remainder of the week right now we're looking at storm tracker for, and most of the rain that we dealt with yesterday and overnight has pushed off to the east, that is good news. will pull back it has a lot colder raining and colder charges. that rain is expected to start at 7:00 p.m. this evening in the north bay to walk into the time line by nine, it will side a little more to the south by 10:00 we are looking at widespread light rain throughout the bay area. this is a fast-moving storm than one o
. when you are not used to earthquakes, it feels for ever. well >> darya, you are a mother, you can relate to her story. >> my daughters lived until 6:00 a.m., when i got up at 6:00 a.m., my husband said, you had your first earthquake. i was thinking that i did not care, i got to sleep until 6. if she did not with me up, i was not get up. we are from new york. 6:00 a.m. here is 9:00 a.m. new york times. this was a gift from god. >>will: she was too tired to feel it. >>darya: many people who were in bed did not sleep through this one. people are able tense because this comes on the heels of previous arms crisp.-- previous earthquakes. arafat is going to give us a rundown of everything that has happened. >>erica: we certainly felt it here in the studio. people definitely felt it all around the bay area. we have received over 500 comments on facebook. let me give you the nuts and bolts of what happened earlier this morning. the earthquake hit at 5:36 a.m. waking up a lot of people. it was originally reported by the usgs as a 3.9, it has since been that macbook 6--if it has since been
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chief howard jordan said that officers did use the beanbags because rocks in the bottles were being thrown at police. as jeff bush shows us, police were also using rubber bullets. jeff >> the police shot me. they shot me with this. jeff >> this protester shows kron4 the brewers that came from a rubber bullet. on wednesday, this protester was picking up bullets off of broadway. after a few minutes, this is what he ended up with. >> they hurt all the same. they are robert. these are hard. my nail cannot make any indentation. jeff >> this protesters said that some protesters were throwing water bottles at police, but there is no reason for using--there is no reason for using these. >> they were throwing water bottles, they were just looking for a reason. jeff >> oakland police have denied using rubber bullets but they said that they cannot say either way if other agencies did use them. >>jaqueline: temperatures were widespread and mild. here is a look at the highs today. take a look at current conditions. a very cold night tonight. temperatures in the 40's. we will be dropping into the
fundamentally change the way that people think of our technology for us. it is about the unified experience throughout the device. the the bad apple from walking to the store to using the software, to opening the boxes to watching the advertisements. everything about them had eight universal approach. it is not a company that made products by running focus groups and same people said it won this feature so we will include that. they created products that steven and the other people at apple got the the world will love. and you can see that time and again the question for apple is not so much what happens in the next 12 months or 24 months because the next great apple products are also given the pipeline. now you got a look three or four or five years down the road can they maintain the spark of creativity that has driven the company in recent years in which is to not know that. >> people began to gather at apple stores to remember steve jobs. you remember them here in union square and we will have much more coverage on the death of steve jobs still the head as well as a look in his life an
in this area you are urged to use an alternate route. if you are using this exit mccarthy boulevard at high street and take 30 to ave. from there, 580 west right there. from high street all the way to 35 t h--ave. >>catherine: we have an officer on the line was the latest. >> vicki:we are on near 35th avt i am able to report is there was a robbery that was there the ace hardware. near 39th ave. oakland police department has closed down street traffic near high street. 30 fifth avenue on- ramp west on 2580 is able to be used. 35-ave. >>catherine: i realize that it will depend on the investigation bu no at this point. when this road could reopen? we perhaps could have lost officer on the phone. west is closed. east is very slow traffic diverted. this will happen for quite a while. >> and other resource to sum up what we have seen. west 580 = closed. it is closed between high street and 35 ave. the option to get around that. people have been diverted onto a macarthur. and sending people along this route to re-enter 35th 35 avenue, and because of this suspect around 2:00 p.m. on macarthur. 39.
>>> "occupy oakland," city officials updating us on the situation tonight, we are live with new information. >>> cold conditions on tap for tonight. where it will get to near freezing overnight. coming up. >>> and cuts looming, frustration growing. burning the midnight oil deciding the fate of several elementary schools. >>> live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. >>> developing news in san francisco, more people are starting to gather in support of the protesters. today the mayor said he wants camping laws enforced because the plaza is become unsafe. protesters say it has issues before they got there. there has been no official word on when police may move in. live now to kron 4's reggie kumar who is covering "occupy oakland." you are hearing protesters there could be on their way to san francisco? >> reporter: that's right. they were trying to get on the bart station here at frank ogawa plaza but they were unable to because officials closed the bart station. now they are heading down broadway. there is a very light police present following the protesters as they mort down broadway
one of nine closures scheduled to save money. visitors can use parks, but they have to walk in because it gave are closed, so are the restaurants. police, fire and emergency services are not affected. the business closed today helps to balance oaklands $58 billion budget shortfall. november 10th is the next scheduled closure. >>ysabel: a parachuting in san jose that called a police officer, the first package yesterday morning near south montgomery and park avenue. deputies shot a suspect. no word on their condition. another shooting with two people shot on third street, one man killed and the female remains hospitalized with serious injuries. there have been no arrests made. >>ysabel: family members of shareef allman are speaking out for the first time. saturday, his family to apologize to victims of the shooting saying they do not understand what happened. allman was shot and killed on thursday following a pilot shooting rampage that started at a cupertino cement plant. three people were killed and seven were injured which resulted from his anger over his jobs is a legend. still ahead
the richmond district. kron4 maureen kelly explains why officers say they needed to use deadly force. >> i will about 7:15 a.m. to screaming next door it was kind of like errr. >> a few minutes after the police officer and responded to in 911 call-in show appeared to the building where they say they found an elderly asian male bleeding profusely on the doorstep. at the top they found an elderly asian woman with life-threatening stab wounds. >> as their tried to give medical treatment a pool or to say they were confronted by an armed asian male suspect with a knife in each hand held above his head. >> police officers tried to stop the knife will demand by shooting him with a beanbag gun. >> it was not effective and they had to switch immediately to deadly force because he was advancing on them as well as the victim. >> the neighbors heard the shot that eventually killed the suspect. >> it almost sounded like someone was slammed into my front door it was very loud. >> and other female victim in her '30's was found hiding in the back room she was on injured, the elderly victim died lat
.m.. >>ysabel: audubon warm-up is headed our way. >>jaqueline: is here to tell us more about it. the core of this town is pushing through a period detail and has been dragging across northern california. it is now almost all way through. if we have clear conditions in the wake of the storm. this was supposed to stay well to our north. over the past will hours, you can see it has slid across the bay area. storm tracker 4 is not selling anything. there rain has been flying below the radar before most of the day. radar picked up things that are above 4,000 ft.. in petaluma, a half inch of rain. that is where we saw the most. here are some of the totals from around the bay area. we could see a few lingering showers into the morning commute. details on that and warmer weather on the way. >>ysabel: of thousands of americans started joining a growing look but called occupy wall street last month. so far, they have taken over city centers in dozens of cities. it spread from washington d.c. to boston, philadelphia and san francisco. now, of the louvre with is taking off in cities like oakland. j.r
unstable this will bring thunderstorms for windy afternoon, but let us get through to the future past and see how that you will be definitely will wake you up when you're sleeping in the 10:00 hour into the north bay with the moderate in >> you cannot really see it, but there's always a little bit of oil, sand and after the long summer months and that make for some very slippery going the especially during the first few wet days of the winter season. the chp of course taking the opportunity to remind motorist to watch their speed. especially in those corners where other debris can lead to clogged storm reigns within turn can lead to water on the highway. in the santa cruz mountains i'm rob fladeboe with kron4 news. them are whether coverage continues throughout the evening and for the latest forecast details you could get to our web site kron4.com and click on the weather page. now to our other big story today the unveiling of the new apple iphone it was the first new product unveiling some steve jobs to step down as ceo and it was the first time the news conference was kept small at
us for it. >>james: the mayor says the he will kick the protesters out of justin herman plaza but he will not say when that will happen. we have seen oakland police assembling in various parts of the city. first in treasure island now south of the city at the dog patch. stay with us as we continue to follow the developments in there and we will let u.s. some point this morning if the two of them clash. we have camera set up here and in oakland. >>justine: at 4:05a.m. this thursday morning we want to talk to 0 c. about the weather. >>erica: the morning justine, currently we are looking at the golden gate bridge there is some lingering patchy fog. for the most part we will see clear conditions. we have temperatures currently in the '30's and as we head into the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. the coastline temperatures will mostly be in the upper 60 for your bay and in the locations. will be sitting in the low to mid '70's. your temperature is right outside the door are in the 30's, '40's, and '50s. as we work our way close to a.m., take a look at that purple on your screen. temperatures are cl
but are big story is all the rain if he did not get enough yesterday there's more coming tomorrow. >> let us get caught up on the forecast. >> now we are waiting for around two, we are starting off with the shock at the golden gate bridge, a little bit of fog as you make your way in the north bay headed down to san francisco and that starts to break up over the golden gate bridge in terms of the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours if they have been close to about 1/2 inch in santa rosa more than about one-tenth of an inch in napa, oakland, san francisco on a looks like sonoma is coming in right around a quarter of an inch of rain. overall the rainfall totals are starting to happen now will actually see the rain adding to that as we head into the overnight hours tonight. storm tracker four shows a little bit of a break, a few lingering showers and it looks like we will catch a little bit of a break during the day to day and watch for around two as we head into the evening, the overnight hours and into tomorrow. in terms of the fog right now you can see some patchy fog out there. we may hi
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